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HEL Solid Billet Caliper Set

HEL Solid Billet Caliper Set

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Brake Pads
CNC Machined From 6082-T6 Billet, Manufactured by HEL in the UK, Lightweight @ 764 Grams Each, Stainless Heat Sink Pistons, 108mm Mount spacing, Free-Flo Internal Fluid Circuit For Rapid Bleeding, Road Legal Race Caliper, Race Inspired Nickel Plating. Sintered Road Pads included, Choose your option

Solid Billet CNC Machined
Many calipers on the market today are forged to hit a lower price point. This limits design as threads and internal flow circuit need to be machine detailed afterwards. HEL calipers are precision machined entirely from race grade solid billet 6082-T6 aluminium - maximising weight and minimising material used. Machined and forged calipers are NOT comparable, so be sure to insist on machined for the very best design, precision construction and finish on the market.

Complete Circuit Technology
Unlike some calipers which only feed from one side, HEL calipers utilise complete circuit technology. This race inspired feature allows fluid to fully circulate the caliper meaning easier and faster removal of air from the system when bleeding.

Heat Sink Pistons
HEL's stainless pistons act as a heat sink drawing the extreme temperatures generated when racing down into the piston - and away from the caliper body where the fluid circulates. This keeps the fluid at optimum operating temperature and away from boiling point (which varies depending on fluid specification). On track and on the limit the performance advantage is simply stunning, allowing fade-free powerful braking and ultra consistent feel - lap after lap after lap.

World Class Research & Development
The HEL brake lab develops all braking products directly from a huge resource of track data collected from HEL's Superbike and Road Racing teams. The NEW caliper design is based around very extreme race loading values taken from worst-case scenario calculations - the maximum amount of front brake force possible before the bike would start rotating around the front wheel and actually flip. Structural integrity, stiffness and displacement resistance are all fully optmised for prolonged on-limit use.

Left-Right Caliper, your choice of brake pads, stainless steel caliper bolts and a vavariety of caliper spacers.

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