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17-19 Kawasaki Z650 Caliper Bracket Kit

17-19 Kawasaki Z650 Caliper Bracket Kit

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This NDC caliper bracket fits 2017-2019 Kawasaki z650. Kit includes the main caliper bracket, second four piston caliper adapter, foot brake big rotor adapter, speed sensor bung, four small spacers, four large spacers and all hardwear. This kit was designed to accommodate anyone from beginners to top pros and a large variety of calipers. This kit will accept the stock rotor, zx11d 250mm rotor (ZX11D rotor does require the head of the rotor bolts ro be trimmed) and the Hayabusa 260mm rotor. The Hayabusa rotor is recommended when using the speed sensor and speed ring which requires a hub adapter. You can use either the Brembo two piston caliper or the stock foot brake caliper. The additional adapters needed to run the Hayabusa rotor or differnt foot brake calipers are listed below.

**To run with stock rotor, you will need to trim off part of the brake pad that does not come in contact with rotor.**

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